Metro Island Mortgage Makes Customer Service a Priority

Metro Island Mortgage Makes Customer Service a Priority

Freddy Zamora Vargas brings many years of experience to Metro Island Mortgage in his role as President and CEO of Metro Island Mortgage, but impeccable customer service is what really sets the company apart from the competition.

 “When clients come to our office, we make them feel at home,” he told the Caribbean Business Weekly. “The level of personalized service we provide encourages them to return year after year. You don’t find that in the larger institutions.”

Founded in 1998 as a family business, Metro Island continues to employ family members—there are five members of the family working for the company as well as sixteen additional staff.

Metro Island Mortgage offers a wide range of financial services and strives to bring customers in Puerto Rico the best possible closing costs and interest rates, 203k and home improvement, rural, VA, reverse and FHA loans.

“When clients are satisfied and tell others about us, it means we’ve done our job,” Zamora said. “And that is the best reference and letter of introduction anyone could ask for.”